Regional and Specialty meetings of the AGPI are held periodically, between conventions. The purpose of such meetings is to encourage membership participation in the AGPI by bringing people together to share common interests and enjoyment of games, puzzles, collecting, and research. Another function is to bring in the public and demonstrate the benefits of AGPI membership.

The regular Mid-Atlantic Regional meetings bring together AGPI members in that area and have focused on game playing. The biennial Puzzle Parleys, held since 1994, focus especially on collecting and cutting jigsaw puzzles. Some meetings take place in conjunction with a special event, such as a museum exhibition.

These meetings are open to all AGPI members, though non-members may also participate. The AGPI encourages members to organize Regional and Specialty meetings. The AGPI Regional Gatherings Coordinator can facilitate AGPI-sponsored regional meetings.

A meeting organizer may request AGPI financial support of up to $200. The proposal should specify the uses for any requested funding, such as meeting room rental, etc. The AGPI President  and  Treasurer together shall determine the amount, if any, of funding. Regional and Specialty meetings should otherwise be self-supporting, with attendees paying a fee of some type to cover meals, meeting rooms, etc. Any unspent AGPI funds must be returned to the AGPI.

The organizer should notify all members about a Regional Meeting at least 60 days prior to the event, either by direct mail, email, or through an AGPI publication, if timely. The Membership Chair supplies labels for any mailings to members. The Publicity Chair can help plan press releases and other ways to publicize an event (such as ads, flyers, etc.).

The organizer should decide whether to invite participation by non-members in AGPI Regional and Specialty meetings, taking into account both the goal of attracting new membership and any limitations on capacity at the site. If the meeting, or an activity included in it, must be limited to a certain number of participants, then AGPI members and invited outside speakers have first priority. Specifically, AGPI members should have an opportunity to sign up for a period of time before others are invited to join the activities.