The jigsaw puzzle competition team, who call themselves The Collectors, won the nation's largest jigsaw puzzle contest in January 2017.  The competition took place during the Winter Carnival in St Paul, MN.  AGPI member Mark Geis and his fellow teammates, Cynthia Smith, Mark Geis and Mike Helland, and John Wittneben bested the other 76 teams in the competition.  “I think what really makes our team click is how well we work together there’s no competition amongst us,” Wittneben said.  John Wittneben is a former State Representative from Iowa.  “I’m a tactile person and I like putting the pieces in and the hand eye coordination,” Geis said.

The goal is to interlock all 500 pieces of the jigsaw puzzle the fastest.  The Collectors beat the reigning champs, Wicker Kittens from Duluth.  The Collectors, completed the puzzle in 36 minutes, 52 seconds. Other teams took two hours to finish.

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