Mark Your Calendars!  AGPI Convention July 13-15 2018

This summer, the Puzzle Parley will be hosting separate and shared events with the Association for Games & Puzzles International. The program, registration form, and attendance fees are being developed and the information will be available soon. Dates are set for July 13-15.  There will be plenty of opportunities for puzzling as well as our regular sales, educational, sharing, swapping, and other activities. We hope to start earlier than usual (around noon) on Friday with a visit to The Strong National Museum of Play ( so please keep this in mind as you make your travel plans.

m doubletree rochester

DoubleTree Hotel reservations can be made by calling 585-475-1510 or 800-222-TREE. Single/Double rooms have been reserved for attendees at a rate of $119/night, not including taxes. This rate applies from Wednesday, July 11 through Sunday, July 15. Mention the Group Block Code: AGP.

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DoubleTree by Hilton

1111 Jefferson Road
Rochester, NY
800-222-TREE Inc. (Ohio, USA) is a payment facilitator for goods and services provided by the AGPI.

Here are the current online AGPI publications.

On The Table

AGPI Quarterly
Games & Puzzles Collectors Quarterly
Games Researchers' Notes
Game Times - AGCA Newsletter

Thanks to Rick Tucker for scanning the issues of Game Times & AGCA newsletters

Here are links to AGPI member's Blogs

Bob Finn's Blog - This blog is dedicated to Sid Sackson life during the 1960s.  This was one of Sid's most productive decade.  Sid published Focus, Acquire, Gamut of Games, and many ofthers.  Much of the contents in this blog came directly from Sid's archive.

ADW Jigsaw Blog - This blog is a collection of online Power Point presentation dedicated to Jigsaw Puzzles.

The House That Parcheesi Built: Salchow & Righter Company - paper by Paula Petrik (Members Only).

AGPI Admin Blog of Etsy Stores - This blog presents stores on Etsy that have attractive game and puzzles for sale.  Most of the items are made of wood; and many are hand made.

AGPI Members Blogs on GamesBlogs on Games - These blogs have been submitted by AGPI member.  These blogs are focused on games.

AGPI Members Blog on Jigsaw Puzzles - These blogs have been submitted by AGPI member.  These blogs are focused on jigsaw puzzles.

AGPI Members Blogs on Mechanical Puzzles - These blogs have been submitted by AGPI member.  These blogs are focused on mechanical puzzles.

AGPI Admin Blog of eBay Auctions - This blog presents online auctions of AGPI members on eBay.


AGPC Quarterly (ISSN 1529-4706)
Edited from Fall 2007 to present by David Beffa-Negrini

(Note: There were no issues published as volume 8, numbers 3 and 4, and volume 9, numbers 1 and 2)

Order #



Description of Contents

AGPC Q17.1

Spring 2015

Vol. 17, No. 1


Cover: Monopoly and other games’ War Effort; President’s Message; Editor’s Note; Email Correspondence; 2015 AGPC Convention Agenda; Volume Sprayer Manufacturing Co. (Alexander); Spelling a Cheap Surprise (Vercoe); Monopoly, Code Users, and POWs in World War II (Orbanes); The Genius Behind POW Escape Aids (Donlan); MI-9 Inspires MIS-X (Orbanes); The History of Waddingtons (Melling); Victor Watson: 1928-2015; Pressman Made Jigsaw Puzzles Too! (Williams); More Cover Stories (Epstein); The Game of 1000 Faces (Whitehill); Age of Reason (Ellerbe); Counter Space: Oldest Hats, Part II (Saunders); “Changing” the Rules (Whitehill); Members’ Ads

AGPC Q16.4

Winter 2014

Vol. 16, No. 4


Cover: The Mille Bornes Identity; President’s Message; Editor’s Note; Email Correspond-ence; 2015 AGPC Convention Agenda; Mid-Atlantic Chapter’s Halloween Monster Party (Epstein); Essen 2014 (Whitehill) Counter Space: Oldest Hats, Part I (Saunders); What Happened to Touring? (Whitehill); Doolhof-Spel (Horn); The Cult of the "New" (Ellerbe); Anacrostics Answers (Saunders); Members’ Ads

AGPC Q16.3

Fall 2014

Vol. 16, No. 3


Cover: Puzzle Parley XII Best of Show!; President’s Message; Editor’s Note; Email Correspondence; Puzzle Parley XII (Armstrong, Williams, Shebell); Counter Space: Anacrostics (Saunders); Great Finds! (Horn); Crocheting Connections Germane to the Game of Dr. Kane, Part III (Lapides); Members’ Ads; From TRIO to “3 Koningen” (Horn); We Have Met The Enemy And He Is Us (Ellerbe); Pressman: Last of the Long-time Family Game Companies (Whitehill); Cover Stories (Epstein); 2015 Convention Update

AGPC Q16.2

Summer 2014

Vol. 16, No. 2


Cover: AGPC-Happy 30th Anniversary; President’s Message; Editor’s Note; Email Correspondence; 30 Years! (Whitehill); My First AGPC Convention (Petry); 2014 AGPC Convention; Bradley-Parker Award Winners-Phil Orbanes & Ranny Barton; Crocheting Connections Germane to the Game of Dr. Kane, Part II (Lapides); General Member Meeting Minutes; Counter Space: Older Hats (Saunders); Finding Treasures in “Unexpected Places,” Part II (Epstein); Adventure Games (Ellerbe); Properly Packing Boxes (Bensch); Plugged Dice (Horn); Members’ Ads

AGPC Q16.1

Spring 2014

Vol. 16, No. 1


Cover: 7500 Strong-Anne Williams; President’s Message; An Unexpected Gift!: Election Game; Editor’s Note; Email Correspondence; 2014 AGPC Convention Update; Flour, Flowers, & Photography (Whitehill); Eventful: The Strong; Puzzle Parley XII Agenda; Curious Corey Games (Epstein); Crocheting Connections Germane to the Game of Dr. Kane (Lapides); IF-AGPC 30 years (Whitehill); Counter Space: Old Hat (Saunders); The Game of the Future: SALA (Horn); Some Games from the Dutch “Children’s Newspaper” (Horn); A Game By Any Other Name (Whitehill); Better Health Through Modern Gaming (Ellerbe); Origin of “het Slabberjan-Spel” (Horn); AGPC & Reality TV (Leo/Bloome); Members’ Ads

AGPC Q15.4

Winter 2013

Vol. 15, No. 4


Cover: Publishers of Games, Puzzles, and Books-Sowdon & Clark; President’s Message; Members’ Ads; Editor’s Note; 2014 AGPC Convention Update; Essen 2013 (Whitehall); The Circuitous Route of Uncle Wigglily (Whitehall); Edgar O. Clark & Sowdon Publishers of Games (Stone); Counter Space: Sailing to Lilliput, Part II (Saunders); War Games in Germany (Whitehill); Mid-Atlantic Chapter's Wild, Wild West Event (Epstein); Uzbekistan Souvenirs (Dechant); Abstract Strategy Games (Ellerbe)

AGPC Q15.3

Fall 2013

Vol. 15, No. 3


Cover: Dreamopoly; President’s Message; Editor’s Note; Email Correspondence; 2014 AGPC Convention Update; Interactive Museum of Gaming and Puzzlery (Engen); Finding Treasures in “Unexpected Places” (Epstein); Those Far-Away Places with Strange Sounding Names (Ellerbe); Long Tau (Horn); Author Meets Mr. Murphy (Horn); STRAAT: Unusual Unknown Game from Holland (Horn); Counter Space: Sailing to Lilliput (Saunders); A Museum in the Midst: Steinhude, Germany (Whitehall); An American “Dreamopoly” in a German Garden Show (Whitehill); Quotes, Seen on Screen, and Answers to 2013 AGPC Convention Crossword; Members’ Ads

AGPC Q 15.2

Summer 2013

Vol. 15, No. 2


Cover: Spilsbury Award—Armstrong; President’s Message; Editor’s Note; 2013 AGPC Convention; Crossword & Conundrum; Got to Go to Göttingen (Whitehill); Meet Dan Fox (Orbanes); Book Review—Monopoly, Money, and You (Williams); Those Far-Away Places
with Strange Sounding Names Games (Ellerbe); The KLM Tangram (Horn); Daan Hoeksema (Horn); Counter Space: Funnies You Should Ask (Saunders); AGPC Members Tour FBI Laboratory (Epstein); A Good Story (Rogers); Potential New Earliest American Board Game (Spear); American Games in Germany (S. Whitehill); A Visit to Harm van Veen (Horn);
Stave Game (Beffa-Negrini); A Night to Remember (Beffa-Negrini); General Meeting Notes; 2014 AGPC Convention

AGPC Q 15.1

Spring 2013

Vol. 15, No. 1


Cover: Savannah; President’s Message; Editor’s Note; 2013 AGPC Convention Agenda; Bagatelles & Brownies (Morgan); Crossword Challenge Winner; The Game (Horn); Book Reviews—Giochi Delle Montagne, Le Montagne per Gioco (1 & 2), Le Puzzle Français en Bois; The Toy and Game Inventor’s Handbook (Beffa-Negrini); Counter Space: Unfinished Business Part III: Games as Performance Pieces (Saunders); FOTO WORLD game (Epstein); Very Special People Games (Ellerbe); Email Correspondence

AGPC Q 14.4

Winter 2012

Vol. 14, No. 4


Cover: BGG.CON; President’s Message; Editor’s Note; 2013 AGPC Convention Agenda;
13th Annual Mid-Atlantic Chapter Event; 2012 BGG.CON; 2012 Essen; Counter Space: Unfinished Business Part II: Games as Rough Drafts (Saunders); Animal Kingdom Games (Ellerbe); Another Name Lost—Cadaco (Whitehill); Preservation of Sanity and the Collection of Games (Bordsen); Dove-Tail Puzzles of Moshé Zwarts (Horn); 4/5 De Nationale LegPuzzles (Horn); Computer Games Museum & Deutsches SPIELEmuseum—Germany (Whitehill); PuzzlingWorld—New Zealand (Beffa-Negrini)

AGPC Q 14.3

Fall 2012

Vol. 14, No. 3


Cover: 11th Puzzle Parley; President’s Message; Editor’s Note; New Membership Chair:
Debby Leo; Jeanne Strout obituary; 11th Puzzle Parley; Liberty Puzzles’ Challenge; 2012 Pagey Elliott Puzzle Exchange; My First Puzzle Parley (Sincher); To Innovate by Dee Rogers; It’s a Mystery—Ace of Aces game (Epstein); Counter Space: Unfinished Business Part I: Games as Model Kits (Saunders); Once a Game Collector (Krim); Draw Something  app drawings (Krim, Beffa-Negrini); Crossword Challenge; Quick Clicks news; Behind the Scenes: November Regional planning; 2013 Savannah convention


Summer 2012
Vol. 14, No. 2


Cover: Remembering the Smiles…Paul Fink; President’s Message; Editor’s Note; Rally Dennis obituary; Paul Fink (1942-2012); 2012 AGPC Convention Wrap Up; Sam Loyd Award—Will Shortz; My Point of View (Krim); Counter Space: Connection Games (Saunders); Puzzles: A New Society Game (Bekkering); Games to Assist Non-native Speakers Learn the American Language (Bordsen); Early Hand-drawn Board Game; Horror Stories (Epstein); Anchor Puzzle Book Review (Williams); Members’ Ads; General Member Meeting Minutes


Spring 2012
Vol. 14, No. 1


Cover: Next Stop…Saratoga Springs (Map); President’s Message; Editor’s Note; 2012 AGPC Convention Update; 11th Puzzle Parley Upcoming Event; Ellerbe’s “Awesome Games Produced (by) Cohorts”; Epstein’s “Our Radio Games’; Counter Space: Something Else to Collect: Books on Games, Part III—The Philosophy of Games; Members’ Ads

AGPC Q 13.4

Winter 2011
Vol. 13, No. 4


Cover: Quintessential Essen; President’s Message; Editor’s Note; Members’ Ads; 2012 AGPC Convention Update; Mid-Atlantic Chapter Event—“Night at the Races”; Essen—Passionate Play; Bagley’s Game Collection; Ellerbe’s “One in a Million Games”; Counter Space: Something Else to Collect: Books on Games, Part II—Proprietary Games; Jigthings Ad


Fall 2011
Vol. 13, No. 3


Cover: Collection of Game Books; President’s Message; Editor’s Note; 2012 AGPC Convention Update; Celebrating the Life of Dickens in Jigsaw Puzzles, Part II; Counter Space: Something Else to Collect: Books on Games, Part I—Traditional Games; Winner Crossword Challenge—Michael Nabholz; Playing Games in Nepal; Ellerbe’s “To Infinity…and Beyond” Games; Members’ Ads; Saratoga Springs Information


Summer 2011
Vol. 13, No. 2


Cover: Herb Levy, Bradley-Parker Award Winner; President’s Message; Editor’s Note; 2011 AGPC Lancaster Convention—First Timers, (Travis & Emily Miller), Ben Brazil, Herb Levy—Bradley-Parker Award Winner; Celebrating the Life of Dickens in Jigsaw Puzzles, Part I; Counter Space: Are We There Yet?; Why We Didn’t Attend Convention—Whitehills; Ellerbe’s “The Envelope Please”; Crossword Challenge; 2012 AGPC Saratoga Springs Convention Information; Members’ Ads; General Member Meeting Minutes

AGPC Q 13.1

Spring 2011

Vol. 13, No. 1


Cover: 2011 AGPC Lancaster Convention Scrabble Tiles; President’s Message; 2011 AGPC Convention Update; Josephine Flood’s Picture Puzzle Mart; Essen 2010; Counter Space: Peter Coddles in Museumland, Part II: The Odyssey; All-Star Baseball; National Pastime Crossword Puzzle; Ellerbe’s “Alone” Games; Book & Film Review: Under the Boardwalk, Making Wooden Jigsaw Puzzles, Big Book of Games; National Puzzle Day

AGPC Q 12.4

Winter 2010

Vol. 12, No. 4


Cover: Paul Fink’s Transportation Game Collection; President’s Message; 2011 AGPC Convention Update; Mid-Atlantic Chapter Event; Paul Fink’s Transportation Games-Finding a Buyer for your Collection; First Frame Tray Puzzle; Counter Space: Peter Coddles in Museumland, Part I: The Iliad; Mah Jongg NYC Exhibit; Ellerbe’s “Essen” Games; Donating to the AGPC

AGPC Q 12.3

Fall 2010

Volume 12, No. 3


Cover: 10th Puzzle Parley; President’s Message; 2011 AGPC Convention Update; 10th Puzzle Parley; 100 Puzzles Project; Ellerbe’s “Political” Games; Preserving a Puzzle Collection for Future Generations; Upcoming (Carrom board) Auction; Counter Space: On the Kinds of Games There Seem to Be; A Classification of Board Games—Part Two; Quick Clicks

AGPC Q 12.2

Summer 2010
Volume 12, No. 2


Cover:  Exploring the Ruins of the Maya; President’s Message; 2010 AGPC Convention Cruise; Spilsbury Award—Tom Tyler; Ellerbe’s Wild, Wild, West Games; Counter Space: Performance Games; General Member Meeting Minutes; Classification of Games—Part One; National Puzzle Day; Quick Clicks; Famed Jigsaw Puzzle Auction


Spring 2010
Vol. 12, No. 1


Cover: Traveling to the end of the earth: Antarctica; President’s Message; Lynn Pressman, 1912-2009; 2010 AGPC Convention Info; Saunders’ Counter Space: Positional Games; Ellerbe’s Travel Games and Game Contest; Old Games in TV Commercials


Winter 2009
Vol. 11, No. 4


Cover: 2010 AGPC Convention Cruise; President’s Message; Bill Trent’s Big Book of Games Released; 2010 Convention Info; Saunders’ Counter Space: A Very Fine Line, Part 3; Allentown Toy Show; Mid-Atlantic Regional: Sports Night and Show & Tell; Essen Toy Fair; John Ellerbe’s Murder Most Foul” List of Games; Quick Clicks News; Donating to the AGPC; The Paul Fink Collection of Transportation Games;


Fall 2009
Vol. 11, No. 3


Cover: People Play Games Around the World; President’s Message; Letter from Sy Epstein on Bulls and Bears; Monopolization of Monopoly, Bulls & Bears; Letter from Henry Dearborn on Sports Games; 2010 AGPC Convention Info; Saunders’ Counter Space: A Very Fine Line, Part 2; Mid-Atlantic Chapter Meets to Plan Activities; Le Musée Suisse du Jeu; Jigsaw Greetings; Playing Games in Barcelona; John Ellerbe’s The Holy Grails of Modern Games; Paul Fink Uncovers the Game of Bank; Books, Art, & New Releases


Summer 2009
Vol. 11, No. 2


Cover: AGPC Rocks Rhode Island!; President’s Message; President’s Award; Member Year Change; In Memoriam: Jackie Siegel; 2010 Convention Info; 25th Anniversary… a brief look back; Reflections of a First Time Convention Attendee by Laura Seese; 2009 Pre-convention Activities; The Puzzle Game Challenge; Trivial Pursuit, the First 20 Years; Show & Tell; New Cutting Style; Kagen Schaefer, 2009 Sam Loyd Award Winner; Saturday Workshops; Can You Beat Helen Andrews?; Special Guest Speaker, Alan Hassenfeld; Saunders’ Counter Space: A Very Fine Line, Part 1; Coit Morrison’s Quest for Rook Cards; Nuremberg Toy Fair; John Ellerbe’s List: Be a Sport; 2009 Annual Meeting Minutes


Spring 2009

Vol. 11, No. 1


Cover: Providence Bound!; President’s Message; In Memoriam-Dottie Anderson;
2009 AGPC Convention Agenda; Puzzle Cutters’ Showcase (Part III); The Devil is in the Dice; Mid-Atlantic Chapter News; Early Photographic Jigsaws Continue to Puzzle Us Today;
Saunders’ Counter Space: On the Origin of Species; 2010 AGPC Convention-Caribbean Cruise; Quick Clicks


Winter 2008

Volume 10, No. 4


Cover:  Parley Perfect!, Home Games (Baseball); President’s Message; AGPC Donations;
2009 AGPC Convention Agenda; Home Games—A Century of Baseball Games;
9th Puzzle Parley; Puzzle Cutters’ Showcase (Part II); Mid-Atlantic Chapter: Halloween Party; Saunders’ Counter Space: Just Between You and Me; 2010 AGPC Convention-Caribbean Cruise; The Beauty of Games: The 3 Bs; Toy and Game Inventors Awards; Quick Clicks


Fall 2008
Volume 10, No. 3


Cover:  The Travellers Tour Through the United States, All Fair Games Return Home; President’s Message; In Memoriam-Ralph Kovel, Steve Olin, Val Cooper;
2009 AGPC Convention Agenda; Puzzle Cutters’ Showcase (Part I); Ralph Kovel (1920-2008); Steve Olin (1940-2008); New Italian Goose-Game Website; Playing A Round (Royal Reversi); Saunders’ Counter Space: The Travellers Tour Through the United States; All’s Fair with All Fair; A-Z Designer Games, A-Z Super Playable and Super Affordable Games;
Book Review: From Hoofbeats to Dogsteps; Quick Clicks


Summer 2008

Volume 10, No. 2


Cover:  Cheers for Charleston!; President’s Message; First time convention attendee-Palmetto Games; 2008 AGPC Convention & Pre-Convention Report; Bradley-Parker Award—Whitehill; A Showcase of Puzzles; Playing A Round (Reversi); Puzzles, Passion, Party; Tiddlywinks—A Royal Match; President’s Award: Coit Morrison; Saunders’ Counter Space: An Insider Looks at Milton Bradley (Part II); Point CounterPoint; General Member Meeting Minutes; Top Playable Card Games, Top 50 Gateway Games; Quick Clicks


Spring 2008
Vol. 10, No. 1


Cover:  See Ya’ll in Charleston; President’s Message; Strong Museum Acquires World-Class Collections; Memoriam-Keith Lambeth; 2008 AGPC Convention Agenda; Tony’s the Name; AGPC Sudoku Contest Results; The Rook Card Company; Mid-Atlantic Chapter News;
Book Review: The Tao of Tangram (Slocum), Hoofbeats to Dogsteps (Elliott), Spiele der Menschheit, Jeux de L’Humanite; Saunders’ Counter Space: An Insider Looks at Mllton Bradley (Part I); Counterpoint—Women’s Games; Best A-Z Abstract Strategy Game List; Playing A Round (Congo game); A Game of Surprise Sentences; History of Bagatelle to Pinball; Puzzling With Your Lapdog; Rare Darrow Monopoly Auction; French Group Announces National Center of Games; Quick Clicks



Winter 2007
Vol. 9, No. 4


Cover: AGPC Sudoku Challenge; BGG.CON, Puzzle Cutters’ Showcase; President’s Message; AGPC Sudoku puzzle contest; The Christmas Goose; Piece By Piece-Santa jigsaw puzzles; 8th Annual Mid-Atlantic Regional; Saunders’ Counter Space—Those Games Women Like to Play III; BoardGameGeek Convention; In Pursuit of Trivia; Puzzle Cutters’ Showcase;
NPR word challenge; Quick Clicks



Fall 2007
Vol. 9, No. 3


Cover: Robert Lewin, 1911-2007; President’s Message; In Memoriam-Robert Lewin, Betsy Stuart, Herbert Whitehill; Springbok’s Robert & Katie Lewin; Remembering Springbok; Big Game Deal Done; Memories of Betsy Stuart; Games Using Puzzle Mechanics; Saunders’ Counter Space:  Those Games Women Like to Play (Part II); Mid-Atlantic Chapter News; AGPC Donation to Strong Museum; Quick Clicks

Game & Puzzle Collectors Quarterly (ISSN 1529-4706)
Edited from Spring 2000 to Summer 2007 by Wayne Wolf

Order #



Description of Contents


June 2007
Vol. 8, No. 2


Cover:  2007 Spilsbury Award: Anne Williams; President’s Message; Editor’s Message; AGPC General Membership Meeting Minutes; Ringgz: A Shared Space Game; The Long Way to Convention; Saunders’ Counter Space: Those Games That Women Like to Play (Part I);
Anne Williams—2007 Spilsbury Award; 2007 AGPC Convention Photos; 2007 Puzzle Parley Meeting Review; First Convention (Coppock-Bland); Report on Board Games Breakout; News: Curator Position Open-Lilly Library


March 2007
Vol. 8, No. 1


Cover: 2007 AGPC Convention (San Francisco); President’s Message; Editor’s Message; Collecting Then and Now: From Stamps to Puzzles; Saunders’ Counter Space: On Speaking Only When Spoken To: Part 4, The Rules; Mid-Atlantic Chapter Presentation (Petrick); News: Sackson Materials Reunited at Strong Museum; Need Help with a Jigsaw? Go Online;
2007 AGPC Convention Agenda


December 2006
Vol. 7, No. 4


Cover:  Stamps to Puzzles; President’s Message; Collecting Then and Now: From Stamps
to Puzzles; Saunders’ Counter Space: On Speaking Only When Spoken To: Part 3, Pieces and Accessories; Mid-Atlantic Chapter Activities; News; Esslingen Exhibition;
2007 Puzzle Parley Agenda; Book Review: Monopoly: The World’s Most Famous Game & How it Got That Way; 2007 AGPC Convention Agenda


September 2006
Vol. 7, No. 3


Cover:  AGPC logo (new); President’s Message; The 15 Puzzle; Mid-Atlantic Chapter Activities; Saunders’ Counter Space: On Speaking Only When Spoken To: Part 2, The Board; Jigsaw Puzzle Story; News: Strong Museum Acquires Olin Collection; Puzzling Collection Goes to Lilly; News; Castle Croquet Tourney 2006, Puzzle Parley; 2007 AGPC Convention Agenda


June 2006
Vol. 7, No. 2


Cover: Sam Loyd Award: Jerry Slocum; Black Gold in Board Games; President’s Message; Editor’s Message; AGPC General Membership Meeting Minutes;
Saunders’ Counter Space: On Speaking Only When Spoken To: Part 1, The Box;
Arteno Jigsaw Puzzles: What Makes Them So Special; The Irwin Toy Company;
Post Convention Report (Cambridge); “Arteno” Puzzle Makers—A Brief History;
Jerry Slocum 2006 Sam Loyd Award; First Time Convention Attendee (Morrison);
Celebrating Board Games; News: Finding Game Instructions; AGPC Google Groups; President’s Award Winner (Dearborn)


March 2006
Vol. 7, No. 1


Cover:  AGPC logo; President’s Message; Editor’s Message; But Wait! There’s More!; Saunders’ Counter Space: Table Games, To Be Precise; Touring the Toy Fair; The “Original” Game of Oil?; Mid-Atlantic Chapter Activities; News: 2006 AGPC Convention Agenda


December 2005
Vol. 6, No. 4


Cover:  Black Gold in Board Games; President’s Message; Editor’s Message; Saunders’ Counter Space: Why are Checkerboards Red and Black?; Oil! The Rush for Black Gold in Board Games; History of Strat-O-Matic; Mid-Atlantic Chapter Activities; News: Millions Prepare to Celebrate National Games Week 2005; Candy Land, Jack-in-the-Box National Toy Hall of Fame Inductees; Knucklebones


September 2005
Vol. 6, No. 3


Cover:  Children on Board: Images from Candy Lands; Editor’s Message; Snare Mike;
Saunders’ Counter Space: Close Counters of the Third Kind; The Game of Goose-Images of America;
President’s Award info; Children on Board: Images from Candy Lands; 7th Annual Mid-Atlantic Regional Info; News: National Games Week 2005; 2005 Castle Croquet Tournament; 1935 German Jigsaw Patent


June 2005
Vol. 6, No. 2


Cover: Spear & Watson–2005 Bradley-Parker Award Winners; President’s Message; Annual General Meeting notes; Editor’s Message; Saunders’ Counter Space: Above Board; Jump Street Arts Program donations; A Transatlantic Crossing: The 1930s Puzzle Craze and the Einson-Freeman/Waddington Connection; First Time Convention 2005; Eternity in Plexiglas–puzzles; 2005 Convention photos–London and in the countryside of England; President’s Award info; Puzzles in Australia; Dentist Designed Devilish Diecuts; Mid-Atlantic Chapter Game Night; News; 2005 Castle Croquet Tournament


March 2005
Vol. 6, No. 1


Cover:  Tax Season in Board Games; President’s Message; Editor’s Message; A Puzzle
for Pagey–Pagey Elliott; Tuck’s “Labrador Zag-Zaws”; Saunders’ Counter Space: Whether Games; Playtime in New England; 2006 AGPC Convention; Mid-Atlantic Chapter report; News;
2005 AGPC Convention agenda


December 2004


Vol. 5, No. 4


Cover: Presentation to Pagey Elliott at Concord Puzzle Parley; President’s Message re London 2005 convention; Editor’s Message; Saunders’ Counter Space: American Dreams, Part 4 (final); Book Review: Anne Williams’ The Jigsaw Puzzle: Piecing Together a History; Dutton, Nister, Ströfer Connection (books and puzzles); Puzlet Gems: Carrie Charley-Franzwa; 6th Annual Mid-Atlantic Regional Gathering, Reading PA (Nov 2004); AGPC Puzzle Parley, Concord MA (Sep 2004) (Armstrong); Biennial Puzzle Parley Meet (from new member Suzanne Orr); Jigsaw Puzzle Parley (Curtises); Jigsaw Puzzles in Germany; News; Member Advertisements; Obituary: Linda Hannas; New Members; Convention 2005 in London


September 2004
Vol. 5, No. 3


Cover: Puzlet Gems; President’s Message; Editor’s Message; Saunders’ Counter Space: American Dreams, Part 3; A Puzzling Experience–2004 Convention first time goer; Are Collecting Games & Puzzles Good for You?; World Boardgaming Championships Inaugural Game Auction; News; Musée Suisse du Jeu exhibit of American games; Obituary: Nob Yoshigahara; Mid-Atlantic Chapter gathering and report; 2005 London Convention


June 2004
Vol. 5, No. 2


Cover: Bob & Katie Lewin–2004 Spilsbury Award; President’s Message; Editor’s Message; 2004 annual general meeting; Exploring the Moon and Solar System Through Games;
Aunt Louisa Unmasked; Saunders’ Counter Space: American Dreams, Part 2; 2004 Convention
photos–Philadelphia, PA; Mid-Atlantic Chapter Activities; 20 Years of Convention;
2004 Castle Croquet Tournament in Vermont; Words of Thanks for 2004 Convention contributions; Thoughts on My First Convention; News; 2005 Bradley-Parker Award; Obituary: Alex Randolph–A Tribute; Collector’s Guide to Cluster Puzzles; New Members; 2004 Jigsaw Puzzle meeting–Concord, MA


March 2004
Vol. 5, No. 1


Cover: Aunt Louisa games; President’s Message; Editor’s Message; Nostalgia—the game Ration Board; Saunders’ Counter Space: American Dreams, Part 1; Carlton R. Irick, Puzzle Cutter from the Early 1900s; Washington Doll’s House and Toy Museum Enters its 30th and Final Year; Mid-Atlantic Regional Activities; Regional Meeting–Overton, England; AGPC UK Regional Brings Out a Distinguished Who’s Who in Games & Puzzles; Springbok and Lewins Gain International Recognition; 2005 Bradley-Parker Award; Sid Sackson Materials in the AGPC Archives; Wayne Saunders Lectures at San Diego Museum of Man; Castle Croquet;
2004 Convention–Philadelphia, PA; Jigsaw Puzzle meeting–Concord MA; Game Inventors Challenge at Convention 2004


December 2003


Vol. 4, No. 4


Cover: Picture blocks pre-1900; President's Message; Editor’s Message; “Not Available In Stores!” or Instructional Board Games For the Classroom or the Corporation; The Picture Blocks Treasure; A Set of Squares Scores a String of Firsts; Fifth Annual Mid-Atlantic Section Meeting-A Halloween Gathering; Book Review: Games & Puzzles, the Collector’s Guide to Indoor Games from the 1700s to the Present Day; Crossword Puzzle; Saunders’ Counter Space—poem; Book Review: The Game Makers—The Story of Parker Brothers from Tiddledy Winks to Trivial Pursuit; Jigsaw Puzzle meeting—Concord, MA; First regional meeting in England; National Toy Hall of Fame Names Newest Inductees; 2004 Convention–
Philadelphia, PA


September 2003

Vol. 4, No. 3


President’s Message; Selchow and Righter: Scrabble Years; Cluster Puzzles; A.Z. Plerp; Painting, Puzzles, Art Study; Not Spilsbury, Not Finch; Jerry Slocum’s New Books; Antique Toy Museum; Crossword Puzzle; Saunders’ Counter Space; JIGSAW Homecraft Projects; News; New Members; Convention 2004; Mid-Atlantic Section Report; Minutes of 2003 Annual Meeting; Chaos and Order; Austrian Game of Games Awards; Mid-Atlantic Halloween Gathering


June 2003 (Summer)
Vol. 4, No. 2


Cover:  Convention 2003; President’s Message; Letters to the Editor (Puzzles vs. Games, Open house Network, Austrian Games Museum); Book Review:  A Compendium of Cube-Assembly Puzzles using Polycube Shapes; New Books Received; Sid Sackson Auction Round 2:  More Reactions; Book Review:  Antoine Bello’s The Missing Piece (novel); Selchow & Righter: New Players (continued); By the Numbers:  Vintage Jigsaw Puzzles on eBay; Book Review:  The Games We Played (Liman collection); 2003 First Convention!; Convention 2004; Crossword  puzzle:  Golf; Saunders’ Counter Space:  Only Children (part 2); Big Game Hunter Named to Games Hall of Fame Panel; Fifth Annual Mid-Atlantic Regional Convention announcement; Report on Mid-Atlantic Section Activities; Castle Croquet Tournament in Vermont; Long-range Convention Planning; Monopoly Memories Booklet; Photos from Convention 2003


March 2003 (Spring)
Vol. 4, No. 1


Cover:  Peter Coddle games; President’s Message; Letter to the Editor (Fresno Metropolitan Museum); Whatever do Children’s Books and Jigsaw Puzzles have in common?; Madmar:  The Quality Company; Selchow & Righter:  Opening Moves; The Parker Page:  Peter Coddle games; Our Hillsville Experience; The Parker Page: answers to quiz from previous issue; Crossword puzzle:  Choochoo; Saunders’ Counter Space:  Only Children (part 2); Bob Armstrong to appear on PBS National TV; Paul Fink’s Seven Minutes of Fame; All in the Game;
Mid-Atlantic Region Report; Convention 2003 announcement


December 2002
Vol. 3, No. 4


Cover:  Sid Sackson 1920-2002; President’s Message; Rebus solution; Making Par:  Puzzles for Rich and Famous; The Parker Page: naming implements; Crossword puzzle: War;
Saunders’ Counter Space:  Musings on the Collection as Art; Sid Sackson game auction:  Round 1; Initial Reactions Sid Sackson:  American Game Inventor and Historian; Saginaw Art Museum planned exhibit; Lee Dennis:  Pioneer Game Collector 1922-2002; All in the Game; AGPC Regional Meeting on Jigsaw Puzzles; Fourth Mid-Atlantic Regional Convention;
Long-Range Convention Planning; Convention 2003 notice


September 2002

Vol. 3, No. 3


President’s Message; The Parker Page: Political Games; Personality, Metamorphic Puzzles: Changeable Charlie; Crossword Puzzle; Jigsaw Puzzle-Special Cutting Techniques—Conclusion; Saunders’ Counter Space; News; Cornwall Inn Getaway; Event Calendar;
Regional Event:  Shillington PA


June 2002 (Summer)
Vol. 3, No. 2


Cover:  Convention 2002 in Bethesda, Maryland; President’s Message; Associate Editors
for the Quarterly; The Parker Page:  Things Found on eBay; Political Games:  Event/Attitude; Saunders’ Counter Space:  Selchow & Righter (part III); Jigsaw Puzzle Pieces:  Puzzles in Films; 2002 Convention Report; First Time Convention Attendee; Mid-Atlantic Regional Award:
Flora Gill Jacobs; Jigsaw Puzzle: Special Cutting Techniques; Crossword Puzzle:  Traveling; Hasbro’s Evolutionary Tree; All in the Game; Event Calendar; Long Range Convention Planning; Regional Meeting:  Jigsaw Puzzle Parley; Convention 2002 Program & Attendees


March 2002 (Spring)
Vol. 3, No. 1


Cover:  Puzzle cut by Conrad Armstrong; President’s Message; AGPC Library; The Parker Page: Who Wants to Be Rich Without Winning Money?; Political Games:  Government Games; Saunders’ Counter Space:  Selchow & Righter (part II); Ominoes; Crossword:  Where Games Are; Jigsaw Puzzle Pieces:  Personalized du Pont Gifts; Introducing Mechanical Puzzles
(part 5); Earliest Use of Special Techniques for Making Adult Jigsaw Puzzles; J.R.R. Tolkien:  The Return of the Board Games; All in the Game; The American Dream—for a puzzle person!; Running the Gauntlet; AGPC Speakers Bureau; New York Historical Society Exhibit:  The Games We Played (Liman Collection); Convention 2002 Program; Mid-Atlantic Region Event; Event Calendar


December 2001
Vol. 2, No. 4


Cover:  AGPC exhibit at Atlantique City; President’s Message; Editor’s Message; Highlights of AGPC Exhibit at Atlantique City (October 2001); Parker Page: Who Wants to Be Rich Without Winning Money?; Political Games:  Election Process; Lord of the Rings Games:  Playing in the World of Fantasy; Stewart Coffin:  Familiarity Breeds Contempt; Austrian Game Collectors:  Dagmar and Ferdinand de Cassan; Crossword:  History; Introducing Mechanical Puzzles (part 4); Saunders’ Counter Space:  Selchow & Righter (part I); Mid-Atlantic Regional Convention; Notes from Inside a Collection:  Kaplan Collection; Bruce’s News;
Convention 2002 Announcement


September 2001
Vol. 2, No. 3


Cover:  World’s Largest Game Board; President’s Message; Editor’s Message; Editorials—Parker Page:  Advertising Items, Political Games:  An Overview, Psychology of Geometrical Puzzles, Antique Cribbage Board Event; Jigsaw Puzzle Pieces:  Tales of the Underside; Maine Regional Meeting; Crossword:  Monopoly; Introducing Mechanical Puzzles (part 3);
Saunders’ Counter Space:  Apologia; 2002 Convention Plans; The Monopoly Nobody Doesn’t Like; Halma Origins; Austrian Games Award; Bruce’s News:  Wagner Wins Castle Croquet Title; Board Games Studies/3 Available; 2001 Mid-Atlantic Regional Event;
Mark Geis Jigsaw Puzzle Exhibit


June 2001
Vol. 2, No. 2


President’s Message; Editor’s column; Jigsaw puzzle sculpture at Hallmark; The Parker Page; Sam Loyd Award address by Stewart Coffin (part 3); Cross-Capture Mancala; Introducing Mechanical Puzzles (part 2); Convention 2001 in Kansas City; First Time Convention Attendee; Saunders’ Counter Space:  The Flinch Connection; Mark Geis jigsaw puzzle exhibit; Convention find of early Steve Richardson puzzle; Game show games; Crossword Puzzle:  Play It Again; Regional Events:  Lewiston ME & Shillington PA.


March 2001

Vol. 2, No. 1


President’s Message; Editor’s column; Editorials—The Parker Page, Restoration and Repair Tips:  Reviving Motors and Record Players; Featured Member-Steve Richardson and Stave Puzzles; Introducing Mechanical Puzzles (part 1); Sam Loyd Award address by Stewart Coffin (part 2); Mid-Atlantic Region Report; Saunders’ Counter Space:  The Final Accessory; Trivia Question; Simple Capture Mancala; Crossword Puzzle:  It’s in the Cards


December 2000
Vol. 1, No. 4


President’s Message; Editor’s Message; Editorials—The Parker Page, Restoration and Repair Tips:  Removing Tape and Stickers & Cleaning Boxes; Sam Loyd Award address
by Stewart Coffin (part 1); Convention 2000 Banquet Speaker Ron Weingartner of Milton Bradley/Hasbro (part 3); Featured Company-Binary Arts; Saunders’ Counter Space:  Somewhere Out There is a Game with My Name on It; International Puzzle Party; AGPC Jigsaw Puzzle Meeting at Katonah, NY; Mid-Atlantic Regional at Shillington; The Fall River Line, Featured Company-Nathan Reinherz and Corey Games; Northeast Document Conservation Center; Featured Company/Featured Member-J. C. Ayer’s jigsaw puzzles;
In the News, No It’s Not Chinese Checkers; Impact of eBay


September 2000
Vol. 1, No. 3


President’s Message; Editor’s column; Editorials—The Parker Page, Restoration and
Repair Tips:  Reproducing Cardboard Game Parts; Wentworth Jigsaw Puzzle Company; Saunders’ Counter Space:  Where No Disguise is Necessary; 1760s Jigsaw Puzzle Maps of Lady Charlotte Finch; Convention 2000 Banquet Speaker Ron Weingartner of Milton Bradley/Hasbro (part 2); Katonah Exhibition: The Art of the Puzzle; Mid-Atlantic Chapter at Washington Dolls House and Toy Museum, Book Review-reviews of books on American games, Mr. Monopoly; “Cootie, Candyland, or Chutes and Ladders”; Michael Johnson’s Going… Going… Still Going; Reference Books on Games


June 2000
Vol. 1, No. 2


Editorials—The Parker Page, Restoration and Repair Tips:  Box Corners and Aprons;

Saunders’ Counter Space:  Book Review-Oxford History of Board Games; Discovery of First Jigsaw Puzzle Maps;  New Features for AGPC Web Page; Memories of Convention 2000 in Newport RI; Stewart Coffin Receives First Sam Loyd Award; Convention 2000 Newport Beach: Impressions of a First Time Attendee; Convention 2000 Banquet Speaker Ron Weingartner of Milton Bradley/Hasbro (part 1); Puzzle Exhibit in Katonah NY (Fall 2000); Hall of Honor Closes
its Doors;  In the News, Monopoly Myth:  And the Myth Goes On


March 2000
Vol. 1, No. 1


Editorials—The Parker Page, Electric Game Story, Games & Puzzles in London;
Saunders’ Counter Space:  Book Review-Oxford History of Board Games (continued); Mid-Atlantic Region Report; Benevolent Confraternity of Dissectologists; Book Review-World Sorrow and Children’s Delight, Toys for the Dutch Market, 1860-1960; Game: Shut the Box; The Word is Scrabble; Nashville TN Convention Memories

Game Times (ISSN 1050-6594)

Order #



Description of Contents


Aug 1999


My Trip to the World of International Games, Featured Member-Bill Trent;
Saunders’ Counter Space: Where No Disguise is Necessary (Book Review-The Oxford History of Board Games), Games in Transition: Board Gaming’s Contributions to Electronic Games, What’s In A Game? (Classification and Categorization, Setting up the Database),
Out of the Box Publishing: Mark Osterhaus,


Nov 1998


Featured Company-Jackson Dott and Avalon Hill; R. C. Bell; New Directions for AGCA; Sold! The Antique Dealer Game; Saunders’ Counter Space: Provenance of Colors in American Games; What’s in a Game?; Convention ‘98, Baltimore; Regional Puzzle Convention in New York City; Book Review-History of J. W. Spear & Sons; Board Games in Academia Colloquium


Jun 1998


“I Love Jigsaw Puzzles”; Game-Related Quotes; Abbot Award Winner Bill Ritchie;
On-Line eBay; Saunders’ Counter Space: Games Party; Book Review-Games We Play, History of J.W. Spear & Sons; Book Review-British Jigsaw Puzzles of the 20th Century;
Slocum Puzzle Foundation.


Dec 1997


Featured Member-Sid Sackson; Convention; Book Review-Collector’s Guide to Toys, Games, & Puzzles; Game Review-Lionheart, by Parker Brothers.



Jun 1997


Featured Company-Einson-Freeman; Einson-Freeman: Depression “House of Fads”;

Puzzles made by Einson-Freeman; For Keeps, (IV); Toy Fair, Convention, & Point Pleasant Beach, NJ Reports


Dec 1996


Slovenly Peter: Setting the Record Straight, For Keeps (III).



Sep 1996


Swiss Museum of Games; For Keeps (II); Games in the News; Fantastic Finds; Game Review-Stealth; Parker Games and Logos. [NOTE:  On the cover this issue is incorrectly numbered 31.]


Apr 1996


Convention Preview; Regional Meeting Report; Falls Puzzles; Games in the News;
For Keeps (I)  [Note:  On the cover this issue is mislabeled April 1995.]


Dec 1995


1996 Convention; Douglas Bolton Receives Abbot Award; Antique Cards and Games from
the Stuart and Marilyn Kaplan Collection on View at the Bruce Museum; Crossword Puzzle;
The SPIELE museum and a Visit to Rudolstadt; Quiz


Aug 1995


Featured Member–Helen Andrews; Featured Company–Cadaco-Ellis; Abbot Award to Douglas Bolton; AGCA Mailing List on Inter­net; Book Review–Baby Boomer Games; Baseball Games; Paper Soldiers; Caroms & Crokinole Primer; The West Plays Pachisi (IV)
[Note: On the cover this issue is labeled Issue #2]


Apr 1995


Monopoly Exhibit; Games at 1995 Toy Fair; Book Review–B­oard & Table Games from Many Civilizations; Toys Go To War; The Book of Ingenious & Diabolical Puzzles; Isabel Ayer’s Picture Puzzle Exchange; The West Plays Pachisi (III); Games in the News; Quiz II


Dec 1994


1995 Convention; Bettye-B Founder Whiteman Gets Abbot Award; Exhibit in Corning, NY; Essen Game Collectors Meeting; Waterloo’s Museum & Archive of Games;
George Parker’s Chauffeur Reminisces; AGCA’s New Re­gional Governors;
Games in the News; Book Review–7 new books; The West Takes Pachisi (II); Quiz


Aug 1994


Featured Company–All-Fair/Fairchild; Featured Member–Stuart Kaplan; 1993 Treasurer’s Report; Quilt­ing Games; Book Review–Nellie Bly; Ohio Regional Meeting report;
Liverpool, NY Game Exhibit;  The West Looks at Pac­hisi; Games in the News; Auction Action; Convention Update


Apr 1994


Featured Member–Debby Leo; Regional Meetings; Shelburne exhibit; Magic: The Gathering;
Games at 1994 Toy Fair; Collecting and Recollecting; Auction Action; Games in the News;
Dr. Ruth’s Game of Good Sex


Dec 1993


Featured Member–Alex Malloy; Convention News; Scrabble Jitters;
Harriet Eagleson’s Jigsaw Puzzles; Camelot and Nostalgia;
Forbes Buys Early Monopoly Boards; Monopoly Money in WWII



Aug 1993


Featured Member–Bert Cohen; Convention Info; Pollyanna; To Russia with Puzzles; Fin­ance Revisited; Family Resemblances–Games and Puzzles; Falls Puzzles; Auction Action


Apr 1993


1992 Treasurer’s Report; All-Fair Donkey Tale; Spiral Track Games; 1993 Toy Fair Report; Puttering Around the Game Room; Monopoly Variants and Values; Games in the News;
Auction Action; Slovenly Peter


Dec 1992


Convention Reports; Mme. Monopolina; Katonah Regional Meeting; Scrabble Story;
Ages of American Games; Game Exhibits in New York, Scars­dale, Corning;
Wash­ington Doll’s House & Toy Museum; Game/Book connections;
Santa Takes Manhattan (NY Toy Fair); Mylar/Velcro for game displays;
Book Review–Games by Whitehill; Book Review–Greatest Games of All Time;
Las Vegas GAMA (II); Bottoms Up!


Aug 1992


Featured Member–Paul Fink; Mme. Mono­polina; 1991 Treasurer’s Report; Who’s Who in 19th Century Game Design; Katonah Game Exhibit; Pease Revisited; Fish... to Games... to Gardening; Book Review–7 books briefly noted; Siege; auction results; Peter Coddles in Las Vegas, the GAMA Conference (I)


Apr 1992


Featured Company–R. H. Pease; Featured Member–Bill Alexander; Lockwood update; More on Hoarding & Barter; Who Invented Authors, Anagrams? Depression Jigsaw Mania–the Webster School; Book Review–Toy Values Monthly; Book Review–Collectors Guide to Toys, Games & Puzzles; Mail Game Hunting Update; Easy Money; Siegel auction.


Dec 1991


Featured Member–Jerry Slocum; Convention report; Tavern Gambols; California Card Games; Abbot/Ives update; Liman Exhibit; Art by Harry McChesney; Book Review–Spin Again; Book Review–Warman’s Antique American Games, 2nd ed.; Collectible New Games; All-Star Baseball


Aug 1991


Featured Company–F. & R. Lockwood; Featured Member–Rick Russack; Regional Meeting Reports; The First American Board Game; American Antiquarian Society; Mansions of Happiness



Mar 1991


Featured Company–Josiah Adams; Featured Member–Erika Wilson; Inventor’s Role in Game Industry; Mon­opoly story; Lydia Child; Convention Report; Book Review–Jigsaw Puzzles; Book Review–Inside Santa’s Workshop; Book Review–World of Games; Baseball Beginnings


Jun 1990


Featured Company–Warren Paper Products; Featured Member–Anne Williams; Game Collectors’ Terminology (II); Book Review–Treasures of Childhood; Aussie Monopoly; Monopoly in Soviet Union



Feb 1990


Featured Company–Saalfield Publishing; Featured Member–John Overall; Milton Bradley Factory Tour;  Game Collectors Terminology (I)


Sep 1989


Featured Company–Clark & Sowden; Featured Member–Ellen Liman; Mail Game Hunting Update; When Everything Old
is New Again; Uncle Wiggily; Collector or Player; Oregon State University Game Exhibit


Aug 1988


Featured Company–W. & S.B. Ives; Featured Member–Joe Angiolillo; Rook Card Co; Conservation of Wood, Leather, Textiles; Puzzle or Game or Both? Suit Yourself: Custom-made Suit Signs for 52 Cards



Apr 1988


Featured Company–Worcester, Mass. Companies (West & Lee, Snow Bros, etc.)  Featured Member–Mildred & John Spear; Tops; Game Conservation (II); Book Review–Game Inventor’s Handbook; Convention Talk; Crokinole; Maine Jigsaw Puzzle Exhibit; Irwin Co.



Fall/Winter 1987


Featured Company–Fireside & Cincinnati Game Companies; Featured Member–David Greenwald [Galt]; Game Conservation; Mail Game Hunting; Architectural Construction Toys; Card Game Comparisons; Tours of Parker Brothers, Essex Institute


Summer 1987


Featured Company–Transogram; Featured Member–the Boyds; Authors;
Game Hunting in Britain; Games in Australia; Game Collectors’ Glossary; American Squails; Parker Brothers’ Puzzles



Spring 1987


Featured Company–Parker Brothers (II); Featured Member–Debby & Marty Krim; Table Tennis



Fall/Winter 1986


Featured Company–Parker Brothers (I); Featured Member–Herb Siegel; Strategy Games; Game Pieces



Spring/Summer 1986


Featured Company–Milton Bradley; Featured Member–Bruce Whitehill; Baseball & Football Games; War games; History of US Toy Industry



Fall/Winter 1985


Convention news & ads



Summer 1985


Featured Company–McLoughlin Brothers; Featured Member–Lee Dennis; Wolverine Toy Co; The Game Preserve; Jigsaw Puzzle History


Spring 1985
(official reprint)


Featured Company–Selchow & Righter; Featured Member–John Mautner; Game Values; Games People Played and Still Do!

Game Researchers’ Notes (ISSN 1050-6608)

Issues 4-12 include addenda to the Game Catalog or Archives holdings, as well as the articles listed.

Order #



Description of Contents


Oct-Dec 1999


This is the End!; Hand-made Card Games; Chanukah in Jerusalem; Games Timeline of
the 20th Century; E. I. Horsman Elected to AGCA Hall of Honor;  Fond Farewell;
Skiing Game from Egypt


May-Sep 1999


London’s Bethnal Green Museum, M is for McClurg; Monopoly’s Antecedents: The Scottish Landlord’s Game; Happy New Year 1913 from Milton Bradley; Metrópoli, a Chilean cousin
of Monopoly; McClurg Checkerboard.


Jan-Apr 1999


Jig-Saw Puzzle poem by Edgar Guest; Featured Company-Bernard J. Roemer, Puzzle Entrepreneur; Ancient Oriental Games on View in NYC; Book Review-Master Pieces: The Art History of Jigsaw Puzzles


Jun-Sep 1998


Featured Company-Jigsaw Bits: Phyllis McLellan; Throw-Away Game Information


Feb 1998


Montagu’s Pack of 1793; In Memoriam-Herbert Siegel & Blair T. Whitton;
Excerpts from the KROLL Report


Jun 1997


J. W. Spear & Sons Exhibit; Version Territory; In Memoriam-Arthur Liman


Feb 1997


Jigsaw Puzzle Cutting Styles; Pop-UP Books with Games; Heroes & Villains



Oct 1996


Tiddlywinks; LASCA by Dr. Emmanuel Lasker; Perplexity Puzzles; Games in the News;
Book Review-The Puzzle Arcade; The Toy and Game Inventor’s Guide; Making Wooden Jigsaw Puzzles; Complete Internet Gamer; Games from Long Ago.


Jun 1996


Featured Company-Pressman; Pastime Puzzle Production Dates; Palmer Cox Brownies on Games; World of Play Exhibit in Ontario


Feb 1996


Lilly Library’s Games and Archives; Toy/Game Makers in Jeannette, Penn.;
Games on the World Wide Web; Exhibit-Cutting a Fine Figure, The Art of the Jigsaw Puzzle.


Oct 1995


Scarne; Searching for the Very First Authors; Play Your Cards


June 1995


Marbles; Games about Mining; Scouting Games; Michigan Regional Meeting


Feb 1995


Comics and Cartoon Board Games; Tuco Puzzles; Early Pin-Ball; Polar Ex­plor­ation
Reflected in Board Games; Strat-O-Matic Game Co.


Nov 1994


Where’s Johnny?  Com­puter-Based Game Catalog; Alta California Book­store Game
Collec­tion (II); Chivalry; Updates on Woolson Spice, Volume Sprayer.



Jun 1994


Book Review–5; Auction catalogs; 19th Century Games in the Alta California Book­store Collection (I); Muddle Puzzles; Leo Hart and Playtime House; Convention and Regional Meeting Info.


Feb 1994


Convention Report; Wool­son Spice Co. Games


Oct 1993


Featured Company–Electric Game Company & Jim Prentice; More on Touring; Origins of Cootie; More on Military Games; Early Ver­sion of Gavitt’s Stock Exchange; Game Playing
& Uncertainty


Jun 1993


Indiana Univ. Game Exhibit; Angell’s The Money Game; McLough­lin’s McAll­ister and His 150; Touring history and variations; Paper Soldiers; Hollywood Goes to Pieces (jigsaw puzzles);  Jaymar’s 70th Anniversary



Feb 1993


Essex Institute Collections; Stoll & Einson Update; Oops!–Errors in Game Manufacture & Production; Game Patents (cont.); “Pieces of Time” Jigsaw Puzzle Exhibit; Katonah Museum Game Exhibit; Regional Meeting Report


Aug 1992


Searching for Game Patents; Falls Puzzles; Robinson Crusoe’s Farmyard and
The Wide Wide World; American Dissected Puzzle History (Thomas T. Ash)


Nov 1991


Featured Company–Charles Magnus; Wilkie Picture & Puzzle Co.; Just a Thought (Old Maid);
Block and Quit;  Lindy “Spin-Off”; Book Review–Playing by Different Rules; Carrom Boards


Apr 1991


Featured Company–Missouri Game Companies, Rainshine; Pastime Contest Sets; Hearts;
Pre-Civil War American Game Makers


Dec 1990


Lockwood Discovery; Book Review–Inventor’s Guide to Game Marketing; What is the Big Picture for Game History; W.W. Gavitt; Archives Report–III


Aug 1990


Generic Atlantic City Monopoly; Search for Elizabeth Magie Phillips; Archives Report–II


Feb 1990


Featured Company–Home Game Co.; AGCA Archives Report–I


Dec 1989


Featured Company–O.F. & F.G. Decker; Bradley Game Numbering; H. J. Phillips Connection with Parker Brothers; The Way to Make Money Close Up by Milton Bradley



Feb 1989


Featured Company–A.C. Gilbert, Inventor & Athlete; Book Review–Monopoly Companion;
Book Review–Play Money; Book Review–Crokinole Book



Oct 1988


Featured Company–Wallie Dorr; Touring, etc.; Care of Metal, Ceramics; Detecting Hidden Repairs, Substitution & Fakery



Jun 1988


Featured Company–Volume Sprayer Mfg. Co.; Ivory, Bone, Other Hard Organics,
Man-made Substitutes



Feb 1988


Featured Company–Peter G. Thom­son; Flat Paper Conservation



Oct 1987


Featured Company–Flinch Card Co