The Hall of Honor was established by the AGCA to acknowledge those individuals, no longer living, who had contributed significantly in some way to the development of American games and/or to the game industry in the United States. These included company founders and presidents, manufacturers, inventors and designers, illustrators, promoters and agents, and the like. The award ceased after 1999 once the AGCA became the AGPC.

Inductees in the AGCA Hall of Honor                                    

1994 Milton Bradley, founder, Milton Bradley Company

1994 John McLoughlin, founder, McLoughlin Brothers

1994 George S. Parker, founder, Parker Brothers

1995 Elizabeth Magie Phillips, inventor of Landlord’s Game

1996 Edmond McLoughlin, the “other” McLoughlin brother

1997 E. G. Selchow, cofounder, Selchow & Righter

1998 Elmer E. Fairchild, cofounder, Alderman-Fairchild Co.

1999 Edward Imeson Horsman, founder, E. I. Horsman Co.