The Abbot Award, given by AGCA between 1993 and 1998, was named after Anne Abbot, inventor of the first truly American card game (Dr. Busby) and the first American sports game (Game of the Races). Abbot did much of her work for Ives, a company that in turn established the marketplace for games in America and paved the way for Pease, McLoughlin Brothers, and others.    

In conjunction with the name change from AGCA to AGPI, the Abbot Award was retired in 1999.

Note: The last recipient, Bill Ritchie, exchanged his Abbot Award for a Sam Loyd Award when the mechanical puzzle award, more appropriate to his accomplishments, was introduced.

Abbot Award Recipients

1993 Jim Prentice, Electric Game Company                          

1994 Robert J. Whiteman, Bettye B. Company                   

1995 Douglas R. Bolton, Cadaco-Ellis                                      

1996 Lynn Pressman, Pressman                                

1997 Sid Sackson, Game inventor                                            

1998 Bill Ritchie, Founder, Binary Arts (later converted to Sam Loyd Award)