Friday Night Speaker for AGPI Convention 2017

Chris Morgan is a long-time member of the AGPI. His most recent book, The Pamphlets of Lewis Carroll: Games, Puzzles, and Related Pieces, published by the Lewis Carroll Society of North America, is an overview of Carroll’s lesser-known second career as a creator of games and puzzles, and contains puzzles, wordplay, and the wit and wonder of its celebrated author.

Chris will speak to the AGPI about some of Carroll’s game creations, including a board game called Lanrick that uses a chess board and pieces, a circular billiards game, his word games Doublets and Syzygies, and a previously unknown mechanical puzzle that he discovered among Carroll’s writings at the Princeton library.

Chris has been active in the Boston-area hi-tech industry for three decades. He has degrees in electrical engineering and computer science, and was Editor in Chief of BYTE magazine as well as Vice President of Lotus Development Corporation. He is an organizer of the biennial “Gathering for Gardner”conference in Atlanta, where magicians, scientists, mathematicians, and artists gather to share the recreational side of mathematics.

He has twice hosted the IPP (International Puzzle Party), an annual international convocation of puzzle designers and collectors. His other books include Wizards and Their Wonders, about the top 100 people in the hi-tech field, and The Computer Bowl Trivia Book. He is a member of the Grolier Club and a past president of the Ticknor Society, a Boston-based group of book lovers and collectors. He has served on the boards of the Boston Science Museum and the Boston Lyric Opera. He is also a magician, pianist, guitarist, book collector, audiophile, and photographer.